Benefits of Scrum Development

As a software engineer with ten plus years of experience I have witness different varieties of software development processes being utilized to release a product to the consumer.  The earliest of these processes was the waterfall methodology method which promotes a sequential design process to a product from conception to product release.  This method was extremely rigid and inefficient.  In today’s modern software development the majority of organizations employ an agile methodology and in particular the Scrum development process which allows for an organic development and for quick development schedule.

In my organization we utilize the Scrum methodology with great results and it has allowed for our software products to have very predictable schedules and development cycles regardless of the complexity and scope of the project.  I will be discussing a few of the reasons of how Scrum has benefitted my software development team.

The Scrum process allows team members the platform to which each individual can properly communicate with each other and this channel gives each team member more authority and ownership over the product they are working on.  Scrum development requires each team member to work closely together on a daily basis via standup meetings.  The quick daily meetings allow the team to display pure transparency over the project and inform every team member of the business priorities, work completed, future work and roadblocks on the project.  Another advantage is under the Scrum process the team can produce a better quality product through shared vision and goals.  Scrum process allows for continuous feedback over new features and implementation; this constant visibility to the team increases the chance to identify and expose risk and improve the chance for a successful product reception.  A third benefit to Scrum development is it allows for more relevant metrics and measures to any projects.  In a Scrum environment the team members who act as immediate stakeholders to the project are the persons responsible for giving proper estimates and provide optimal scheduling; timelines and budgets are based on each team member’s capability and performance.

There are many more reasons why Scrum methodology is the preferred choice for agile development and is quickly becoming the standard approach to software development.

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