Benefits of Agile Project Management

Agile process is typically utilized in software development and the idea behind it is to create a product through incremental and iterative development. As a software engineer, I am fortunate to have experience in this subject matter and I for one know the benefits of agile development process. When combined with project management discipline, both concepts provide numerous benefits to an organization and reduce the chance of a project failure.

Agile PM can produce a better quality product since it comes with built-in safeguards which allow itself to maintain its highest possible value. A few of the techniques it employs is it takes advantage of the automated testing tools to determine defects in a 24-hour cycle. This behavior permits the development team to be proactive during implementation. Another advantage of agile process is it allows for the development team to conduct ‘lessons-learned’ after each sprint cycle. A sprint cycle is a two-three week development where the team focuses on specific task items to be finished within the spring cycle.

Another benefit to agile project management is it can stimulate team morale and increased collaboration and ownership between team members. Agile development allows team members to be self-regulated and this privilege can encourage creativity and innovation. Since agile development operates on a sprint cycle; this pushes each team member to work together on a daily basis to discuss and review progression and roadblocks which sponsors collaboration and ownership of the product.

Agile project management is incredibly powerful to an organization; however, it requires an experience project manager as well as a skilled agile manager to see the benefits. It is also necessary for the team members to stretch their creative energies and the willingness to work as a team.

Agile Project Management